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The second press conference "The preparation and holding of the 2018 European Rowing Under 23 Championships"

30 of August in Brest Regional Centre of the Olympic Rowing Reserve a press conference was held dedicated to the preparation and holding of the European Rowing Under 23 Championships.


Nicolay Glushenia, the head of Sports and Tourism Department of Brest Regional Committee; Sergey Hramkov, executive director of the public association “Belarus Rowing Federation”; Anatoliy Lebed, the head of the national team of the Republic of Belarus in rowing took part in the press conference.

The participants of the press told about the degree of readiness and shared their thoughts. Enumerate a few quotations.

"The city is given the right to organize and hold such a great sporting event as the European Championships. In our opinion, this event should cause positive news for all participants and guests of the city".

Sergey Hramkov

"We started to prepare for the championship for the year. As a result, we have a visa-free regime, an objects, that are suitable for competitions and an established interaction of all structures with the federation. In general, we worked in our usual working mode, but at the same time we tried to make maximum efforts for the comfort of the guests of Brest. The federation start to do a lot of  things, organizational moment, which fell on our shoulders early. We are very grateful".

Nicolay Glushenia 

"After the meeting, our team came to full unity. Now the motto of the national team of Belarus is "united team", we are ready to fight".

Anatoliy Lebed

"The rowing channel is not the only advantage of Brest. Do not forget about the warmth and special atmosphere of the city, as well as about convenient logistics".

Sergey Hramkov

"It's impossible to single out one opponent: the German, British, and Romanian teams are strong enough. Each class has its own rival".

Anatoliy Lebed

During the press conference Sergey Hramkov Sergey formulated, perhaps, one of the main missions of the organizers: "A person must understand that all people, city wait for him and that everything is ready for his comfortable stay".

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