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Results of the press conference "About the preparation and holding of the European Rowing Under 23 Championship (1-2 of September, 2018)" 

23 of August a press conference was held dedicated to the preparation and holding of the European Rowing Under 23 Championship.

Igor Yudchits, Deputy Head of the National Teams Department of the Ministry of Sport and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus; Sergey Hramkov, executive director of the public association "Belarusian Rowing Federation"; Anatoliy Lebed, the head coach of the national team of the Republic of Belarus in rowing, he is responsible for organizing the training of the youth team of the Republic of Belarus in rowing, all of this people took part in the press conference.

At the beginning of the meeting Igor Yudchits noted that Belarus already has experience in holding international competitions in rowing : the European Championship among adult athletes in 2009 and the World Youth Championship in 2010 in Brest, the European Junior Championship on the basis of the Republican Center for Olympic Training in rowing sports in Zaslavl in 2013. 

"Recently, our athletes took part in the World Youth Championships, that was held in Poland. Unfortunately, the competitions did not bring medals, but there are a number of promising boats that are potential winners in the home championship. Our team consists of 46 athletes, 10 of them - members of the national team. We are waiting for successful performances and at least 3 medals, "concluded Igor Yudchits.

Sergei Hramkov noted the importance of the forthcoming championship: "European Championship is a large-scale complex event. Today, 24 sports delegations have been confirmed. Specialists are working on delegations' arrival, accommodation, catering, etc. 

Social programs, visa issues, attributes, press conferences and work with the media, support groups - we can say about a large list of our initiatives and people control it.The European Rowing Under 23 Championship is the secondchampioship in rowing, the first was held in Poland last year. 

During the European Junior Rowing Championship in 2013, we introduced many of our initiatives that have continued to live and develop. I think that will also be at the farthcoming championship.

"There are 22 classes in the program of the competitions, we will perform in 13 of them," said Anatoliy Lebed, the head coach of the national team. - We want to show that we have a reserve: the system has been created that promotes the growth of young talents in the republic. It's no secret that at these competitions we set a task to examine someone who will perform in the Olympics in 2024. The plans include the participation of some team members in the Olympics in 2020 ". 

The Federation Executive Director noted that the Republic of Belarus for the last two seasons - 2017 and 2018 - has the highest statistical indicator of performance in official international rowing competitions among the CIS countries.

  "The Belarusian rowing federation has been defending for many years the initiative of holding competitions for U23. When there was no competitive practice in rowing, the sportsmen of junior sport had to enter the huge world of sports at the age of 19, where they had to be quite difficult. In 2005, we were in a group of federations, who are initiators of the inclusion in the international calendar of the World U23 Cup. Now this initiative is supported within the European Championships ", - said Sergey Hramkov.

One of the ongoing initiatives of the current championship is the presence of the best students of all sports schools of the country at the championship. "We hope that for hundreds of children the competitions will be a direct lesson, a methodical master class. The connection of generations is necessary, and we will try to organize it", the representative of the federation said.

All people will be able to enter the champioship. The entrance will be free.

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